The first honey subscription site promoted to encouraging ethical beekeeping.
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Welcome to Freebees!

The first honey subscription service where we promote free bees and freebies, you know as in our name...

This isn't some new age, must eat some diet sort of site. This is a group of people wanting to encourage better care for our bees so you can enjoy our honey and do some good at the same time.

Every animal deserves to live well, and for just £6 a month we can help make that a reality.

How it works

Sign up for our £6 monthly subscription online and help support us.

Beginning of every month we deliver your honey free of charge to your door.

You receive the best honey around, along with early access to our amazing related recipes!

Your subscription helps us encourage better beekeeping practices and support charities for our nation's bees.

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UnBEEtable freebies

Our Honey will leave you wanting more

The unmissable honey tasting experience. Every month enjoy a new honey variety, either foraged from specific flowers or seasoned with new and exciting flavours.

Enjoy the sweet life every month and help us to care for our wildlife for just £6 a month.

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This is all about

Working Together

Just like bees, great honey doesn't happen over night and it certaintly doesn't happen on its own. We've teamed up with like minded farms, apiasts, beekeepers and whatever else they want to call themselves to bring you the best honey the right way.

No funny business.

Only good bee-keeping.

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